Amy McConnell (vox), William Sperandei (trumpet), and Mark Kieswetter (piano) will play an evening of intimate music in this sumptuous, historic room.

Friday, March 8th, 2013 from 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm.  Full menu available, minimum Food & Beverage $20.00 per person.  Limited Seating Available. No reservations

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Don’t let the picture lead you astray. Amy will sing, William will play the trumpet and Mark will play the piano! And it will be three whole sets of us, so we will surely play your favourite song at some point. Please join us for a lovely evening.

Friday, March 8th, 2013 from 7:30 – 10:30PM

The Old Mill Inn & Spa, 21 Old Mill Rd, Toronto 416 236 2641

No reservations • No cover • $20 minimum • Full menu • Free parking • Steps to subway

The debut record from singer Amy McConnell and trumpeter William Sperandei, with producer Douglas Romanow and executive producer Feisal Patel, is a stylish romp through 20th century music originating from a range of genres and eras. The title, Stealing Genius, is a reference to Oscar Wilde’s quip “talent borrows; genius steals.” But since covering other songwriters’ work is standard practice in the world of jazz, the quip could be reworked as “talent borrows; jazz artists assume ownership.” In this case, the victims of the thefts are varied and sometimes unexpected such as Elvis Presley (Suspicious Minds), Led Zeppelin (Thank You) and James Bond (From Russia With Love).

McConnell’s background in theatre shows in her vocal phrasing and approach — she has a big sound and emotions are expressed in broad strokes that play to the back of the house. Her accent is beautiful and convincing on the few French offerings including, of course, Piaf’s La Vie en Rose. Sperandei’s nice, bright sound blends well with McConnell’s and his soloing is confident and concise. Singer/stride pianist Michael Kaeshammer’s guest turn on the Ink Spots’ I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire is inspired. But the real genius is in having Larnell Lewis and Rob Piltch play drums and guitar on this record. Lewis’ exuberant precision and Piltch’s subtle musicality elevate many of the songs from stylish to artful.

JAZZ: Thank You
Amy McConnell and William Sperandei, from Stealing Genius

The title of an album of adventurous jazz covers was motivated by an Oscar Wilde quote about theft and borrowing, and the breezy, graceful piano-and-trumpet take on a Led Zeppelin classic does right by the original. “Inspiration is what you are to me,” it goes, “inspiration, look and see.” When the dreamy singer McConnell and the sublime brassman Sperandei say Thank You, messrs. Plant and Page can only reply, “Most welcome.”

“For its’ jaw-dropping chutzpah, Stealing Genius deserves a Juno.” – Peter Goddard, The Toronto Star

“The trumpet work by Mr. Sperandei is exquisite and Ms. McConnell has restored my faith in Canadian female vocalists.” -Jim Gould, CJAI 92.1FM

“One of the top jazz albums of 2012.” -Jaymz Bee, JAZZ FM 91.1