“Stealing Genius” nominated for JUNO AWARD for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year

For Immediate Release
February 4, 2014
Just announced – Amy McConnell and William Sperandei receive a 2014 Juno Award nomination in the Vocal Jazz Album of the Year category for their debut album“Stealing Genuis”.
“We are very excited about the nomination! We would like the thank the Juno Nomination Committee for considering our album for a Juno and we are hopeful for a favourable outcome. Thanks again!”
– William Sperandei
They are extremely excited to be recognized for this album and are looking forward to being a part of this year’s Juno Awards ceremony at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, MB.
“We are absolutely thrilled to be getting this kind of recognition for ‘Stealing Genius.’ ~This is my first album, so for me it’s kind of surreal. ~We had so many talented people who worked with us on this album – Mark Kieswetter, our music director and piano player, our bassist Ross MacIntyre, our drummer Larnell Lewis, our guitar player Rob Piltch and our amazing producer Doug Romanow – that I felt pretty fortunate already! ~We’ve also had incredible support from the Canadian jazz community and that means so much to us. ~I guess happy and grateful describes how I’m feeling right now. ~And of course, my mind is moving on to the next big question…
What will I wear to the Junos?”
– Amy McConnell
Last year was a big year for McConnell and Sperandei. The pair reached the top of the Jazz charts across Canada, as well as received rave reviews in the Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail and The Whole Note (to name a few).  To top it off, some even predicted this nomination!
“For its jaw-dropping chutzpah~‘Stealing Genius’~deserves a Juno… Sperandei’s playing is lush and well-matched to McConnell voice. Pianist Mark Kieswetter’s arrangements are intuitively right and Douglas Romanow’s production brings a big-money feel”
–Peter Goddard, Toronto Star
“If Amy had been better known in 2012~she would be up for a Juno this season – that’s how good~this debut is.”
– Jaymz Bee, 91.1 Jazz FM
“The trumpet work by Mr. Sperandei is exquisite.
Ms. McConnell has restored my faith in Canadian female vocalists.”
 Barrie Woodey, CHRW 94.9 FM
The album has no limits and the unifying thread is the artists themselves.  It features songs that the duo love that include Edith Piaf, Led Zeppelin, Elvis, some 1950s R&B, the Beatles, as well as some 1930s and 1940s songs that are more traditionally jazz.
When working on the album, the concept was simple.  Choose the best songs.  Then, SERVE THE SONG.  Before they interpreted a song, they asked themselves what it’s about, what’s the best way to express it?  Is there something there that hasn’t been brought out before?  They never changed a tempo or arrangement just to be cool and different.  It had to work with what the song is about.  Amy brings melody & lyrics and William provides harmony and improvisation and it’s all set to Mark Kieswetter’s inspired jazz arrangements.
Old fashioned idea, but it works.
To hear more about the record, watch ‘About their new album STEALING GENIUS with Amy McConnell & William Sperandei’ on Youtube:
Amy McConnell & William Sperandei will appear at the Jazz Bistro, Toronto
March 20/21/22
Both artists are available for interviews.
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